About this site

This was done in fulfillment of lab series one of the Digial Humanities course

Bolanle Oladeji

This project challenged me in a lot of ways. From hacking the code, to being able to import pictures and to the final stage of the uploading to the web, there were several lessons to learn. I took a course in HTML a few years ago at the beginning of high school but what I had learnt then was a little different from what the Codecademy course refreshed on HTML. HTML had evolved a little more than it was 5 years ago. There was also the task of learning CSS which turned out to be an interesting endeavor.

It was very important that I chose the right template in order to convey the essence of my website. I wanted a website with several linked pages because I knew I was going to be making a book review website. Linking the pages was a little challenging as it got confusing after a while. This very “About the site” page is the product of several attempts of linking it to the main index file. Importing images, I will say, proved to be the most difficult task. I followed the correct syntax, yet each time I tried, most of my images did not reflect on the page. It took several variations of the same image including border resizing and reshaping to get it to show. The lesson I guess to be learnt from that is: Patience is not to be underestimated. Continue to try and don’t quit. Your image will eventually be uploaded to the great HTML sky.

This project pushed me to do things that I did not know I could do. I did not know that I could build a website, register my own domain and share a little piece of my life all in three weeks. I am also excited because after the end of the Digital Humanities course, I will have a little piece of the course to continue to tinker with.